The company adds multiple PhDs to world-class quant team

Esports Technologies accelerates IP development of advanced predictive gaming models

"Our commitment to quantitative analytics is a strategic move that will have far-reaching effects on our growth and our aggressive acquisition strategy," said Bart Barden, Chief Operating Officer of Esports Technologies.
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Esports Technologies, a global provider of advanced esports wagering products and technology, has established a dedicated quantitative analysis ("quant") team to continue to develop the company's intellectual property, focusing on new esports predictive gaming models and predictive consolidated data feeds.

This initiative is designed to allow Esports Technologies to work on developing its cutting-edge wagering platform and products while partnering with B2B customers to generate revenue from the use of its technology.

Jason Finch, who was formerly the company's Director of Research and Technology, has been elevated to Chief Technology Officer and will lead the new team. A veteran of analytics, trading, and modeling, he has previously managed quants to develop real-time models for pricing sports, politics, and other innovative event products.

Under Finch's direction, the Esports Technologies quant team now includes:

Brad Cole, an applied mathematician who has developed highly detailed pricing models for esports wagering and competitor talent evaluation, as well as validation of battle royale esports modeling via stochastic graph theory, simulation methods, and big data methods on competitor results.

Dr. Stephan Roberts, a mathematician who carries a wide-ranging expertise in analysis and statistics and the recognition of complex patterns. Dr. Roberts has published academic papers discussing topics of orderings and polynomials.

Dr. Da Xu, a senior machine learning engineer joining Esports Technologies. Dr. Xu has developed forecast models using optimization algorithms and deep learning. He has also performed quantitative research of alpha risks for hedge fund clients using machine learning models.

Dr. Jonathan Pearce, a computational physics Ph.D. joining Esports Technologies. Dr. Pearce specializes in numeric methods, data mining, and the calculation of probabilities. Much of Dr. Pearce's work has involved trend analysis using various data collection and data visualization methods.

Bart Barden, Chief Operating Officer of Esports Technologies, said, "Mr. Finch has done an excellent job leading our research and technology departments, and he is well-prepared to lead our world-class quantitative, platform and data team. We believe the latest additions of Dr. Roberts, Dr. Xu, and Dr. Pearce will accelerate our ability to provide state-of-the-art solutions that enhance the esports wagering experience to our product offerings and those of our partners. Our commitment to quantitative analytics is a strategic move that will have far-reaching effects on our growth and our aggressive acquisition strategy."

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