The new rate is of 10%

Mexico City lawmakers approve new gambling tax

The provision was included in the Collection Law for the Fiscal year 2020, approved by the Mexican City Congress.
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The amounts will not be included under the 'tax on lotteries, raffles, draws, and contests' item. License holders will collect such tax and report the different monthly sums independently.

The measure was included within the framework of the Collection Law for the Fiscal year 2020 approved by the Mexico City’s Congress, which anticipates an amount of 174,000 million (USD 9,190 million) in tax collections.

The 10% rate would generate 431,800,000 extra pesos (US$ 22,804,700). The license holder will be in charge of collecting the tax and will have to report it as an independent item each month, in addition to a tax on lotteries, raffles, draws and contests already in force.

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