Alan Burak will become a partner and vice-president of Giorgio Gennari Litta’s company

SAGSE: Monografie acquires GET In Global

Giorgio Gennari Litta, president of Monografie and founder of SAGSE and Alan Burak, founder of GET In Global.
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Monografie officials, led by founder Giorgio Gennari Litta, announced yesterday—just a few hours ahead of the first day of SAGSE Buenos Aires— a purchase agreement that would add GET In Global to SAGSE’s portfolio of events across the region. Alan Burak, CEO of GET In Global, will join Monografie as a partner and as part of the company’s executive team in 2020.

The official announcement makes Monografie the company with the widest range of gaming industry-related events in South America.

According to the executives of both companies, the brands SAGSE and GET In will continue offering their own events, now together, but will retain their different names and features and, in the case of GET In, the number of annual events will be adjusted to fit the needs of each different market. Moreover, Monografie’s team will add Alan Burak as a partner, who will, after a few years, resume his work in the development of SAGSE. It is worth noting that Burak had held the position of Show Manager for the trade shows in Buenos Aires and Panama for over a decade until he decided to part ways to set up his own undertaking, GET In Global.

"Alan Burak’s return to our team, together with the acquisition of GET In Global and its addition to Monografie’s portfolio enable us to predict a very successful 2020. We know Alan’s working capabilities, we have witnessed his growth and we believe both companies can join forces to enhance their different formats. The purchase of GET In Global will allow us to offer, as from next year, a wide range of events, conferences and Expos through the region, and thus, to become the top organizer of industry-related shows in Latin America" said Giorgio Gennari Litta, founder of Monografie, who also pointed out that the event offering will be adapted to fit the needs of sponsors and exhibitors, who are no longer seeking to overload their schedules.

"I am thrilled and proud to be returning to a renowned company such as SAGSE. I believe my experience leading GET In will provide the firm with new alternatives, visions and growth opportunities that will enable the Buenos Aires trade show to reach its highest point and strengthen its position as a leading event in the region and on a global level," Burak added.

His new position will become effective after the 2019 edition of SAGSE, which will open its doors today at its usual venue —Centro Costa Salguero exhibition center— in the City of Buenos Aires. 

"I plan to analyze and evaluate the development of this edition, work closely with the event’s team and as soon as it is over, we will begin working together on the organization of the 2020 edition," Burak stated when asked about the new challenges coming ahead. "I believe Monografie has always done a great job, and testimony of that is that it has always offered a top-quality event, even despite the crisis that has hit the Argentine market in the last few years. Today, SAGSE will once more host a trade show that is essential for the industry in the region and I am thrilled to be joining them in this new stage," the founder of GET In added.

"The region is currently adapting to the new technologies available and SAGSE has been accompanying those efforts in each of its editions. This trade show will always be the greatest event for the gaming industry in Latin America," Gennari Litta said. 

"I hope that in this new journey that we have begun together I am able to show my experience and reliability to Giorgio, with whom I have a long professional relationship and friendship. We have been talking, sharing ideas, and that has led us to picture a scenario where we could work together, now as partners, to bring success both to SAGSE and GET In. All in all, our proposal is to offer better results for exhibitors and a positive experience for every visitor throughout the continent," Burak concluded.

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