Co-founder of ‘Global Gaming Africa’ and Brand Ambassador for the event

"ICE Africa will be the place of opportunities, networking and partnerships," states John Kamara

"There’s no doubt that ICE Africa has proved to be an invaluable focal point for the industry, providing a professional meeting place for the a-z of gaming on the continent," John Kamara said.
South Africa
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Speaking two weeks ahead of the show, he said: “ICE Africa is attracting a massive amount of attention this year and, as a consequence, I can see us building on what was a highly successful launch event by attracting more crowds, more media, and more government support."

John Kamara, co-founder of the Global Gaming Africa consultancy and Brand Ambassador for ICE Africa 2019, believes this year’s event is capturing the imagination of the pan-African gaming community.

Speaking two weeks ahead of the show opening at the Sandton Convention Centre, South Africa, he said:  "The event is being widely talked about and received with a lot of positive interest. A number of people active in the industry have personally told me they are looking forward to ICE Africa more than any other event this year."

Mr. Kamara, who is widely regarded as being one of the most respected thought leaders across the pan-African industry, believes the hallmarks of ICE Africa can be summarised under the headings: opportunity, networking, and partnership.  He explained: “To be successful in any new territory it’s important to be able to forge partnerships with like-minded organizations and that comes from having the opportunity to network in a well respected, highly regarded professional environment.  ICE Africa ticks all of those boxes and if anyone is still undecided about being a part of the ICE Africa experience my advice would be simple – don’t wait, just register for free and get on that plane! And to those progressive industry professionals and entrepreneurs who have decided to participate this is probably the best business decision that you have made this year!"

He continued: "There’s no doubt that ICE Africa has proved to be an invaluable focal point for the industry, providing a professional meeting place for the a-z of gaming on the continent.  I was hugely honored to be part of the team responsible for introducing ICE Africa and I have previously gone on the record saying that I consider my involvement in the launch of what is the largest gaming event to be held on this side of the world, to be one of my proudest professional achievements. The positive feedback tells us that we made the right decision giving Africa an event she can be proud of and confirms the important role ICE is going to play in shaping the future of gaming in this continent.”

“In terms of changes to the show floor, I believe that we are going to see a lot more sports betting companies, a number of casino only software providers, a higher proportion of SMEs and more operators from Europe. Delegates will be hungry for information on what are the growing markets and what products to launch in different jurisdictions. Regulation, market entry and return on investment opportunities will all be hot topics for discussion throughout the event as the industry makes full use of this once a year opportunity."

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