Julio César Tamayo, president of Colombia's first licensed online operator

"Wplay expects to remain first in the industry with a 45 or 50% market share"

During the first two months of 2019, Wplay welcomed over 70,000 new users.
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With this goal in mind, the gaming website is working together with other companies to agree on shared poker operations that would allow them to strengthen this product in the regulated market. Moreover, the company is eager to incorporate other gaming modalities such as live casino and esports betting, which are still under evaluation processes.

Wplay, an online gaming platform owned by Aquila Global Group, started 2019 with very good news, derived from the excellent results it has achieved so far. The company has announced that it will expand its product portfolio by offering politics and entertainment betting, as well as a shared poker program, which had already been announced in January.

At present, Wplay has over 700,000 registered users. During the first two months of 2019, Wplay welcomed over 70,000 new users, who are now able to enjoy the platform's entire product offering: casino, Blackjack, Roulette, slots, bingo, wagers on real non-sporting events and specific markets.

"Currently, over 450,000 bets a day are made online. We estimate the Health Department will receive more than USD 15 million in funds through Coljuegos -Colombia's gambling regulatory body-, as over USD 80 M have been already wagered online. There has been a 200% growth in online wagers compared to last year. We hope to remain first in the industry, with a 45% or 50% market share," Wplay President Julio César Tamayo told Yogonet.

Colombia's first licensed online gambling operator is going through a path that will allow Wplay to expand its product offering. "We belong to a group of operators that want to start a shared poker program that would help us to position this product in the regulated market, since at present, it is being operated by illegal websites. There are other gambling modalities that are undergoing evaluation processes for government regulation, such as live casino, esports and will most likely continue boosting Colombia's growing online gaming market," he concluded.

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