Marking a very positive 2018 for the company

Interblock doubles number of terminals installed in South America

LatAm Sales Executive José Salinas. and LatAm V.P. Andrés Morano.
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This information was reported by Andres Morano, Vice-President for the region, who also highlighted the work carried out by the South American team, described by the executive as “a key element” in consolidating the company’s growth.

In an interview with Yogonet at Interblock’s offices in Buenos Aires, LatAm V.P. Andrés Morano looked back on the beginnings of the Slovenian firm in South America. “I started alone, with just a computer, a phone, and a borrowed office. Today, we have 20 people working throughout the region. There are offices and storehouses in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, and Lima. We’ve experienced the adrenaline typical of startups, but with the support of a large company such as Interblock. We are all on the same side, and the numbers we’ve reached so far are a true reflection of the team’s effort.”

The executive highlighted the work performed by the Sales Department, especially by LatAm Sales Executive José Salinas, and Peru Country Manager Ricardo Jacobo. “In spite of the region’s current situation, we managed to double the numbers in terms of terminals installed and turnover, and this was all thanks to the team. Our machines require a top-quality maintenance service and this is where we are trying to make a difference. A casino cannot afford to spend a single day out of operation. We have plenty of top-quality technical equipment and spare parts in each of these countries. Our mission is to provide an excellent service.” Morano stated.

He is aware that as the number of machines installed increase, so does the number of challenges posed. “At first, the growth pace is faster. Then, it becomes harder, but we are confident on our ability to close new deals and maybe even expand into new territories. We seek to continue growing as much and as fast as we’ve been doing so far, even though we are limited by Latin America’s current situation.

Uruguay and Colombia are the two countries where the company has laid eyes on: At G2E, Interblock launched standalone products, perfect for both markets. “At the Las Vegas trade show's latest edition, we broke a record in terms of Latin American customers’ attendance: 175 out of the 500 meetings scheduled were for current and potential customers from the region. This shows our importance,” Morano pointed out.

ICE will be the first exhibition in Interblock’s 2018 calendar. Peru Gaming Show and SAGSE Buenos Aires will follow. The manufacturer also plans to organize specific events with some of its clients throughout Latin America.

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