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CPI to showcase at FADJA

CPI will bring Ardac Elite, CashCode SM, CashCode one and SC Advance to FADJA 2015.
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CPI will bring Ardac Elite, CashCode SM, CashCode one and SC Advance to FADJA 2015.

The Money Controls Ardac Elite has gained strong regional traction in Latin America thanks to its full note scan capability.  It is the industry’s first note acceptor that uses field-proven imaging technology to take a full-color image of the note in addition to scanning its entirety with multiple wavelengths.  This feature increases security and makes it possible to resolve disputes quickly and easily.

The CashCode one note acceptor offers superior acceptance upon first insertion thanks to its multi-sensor technology, alignment mechanism and 4-way barcode recognition.  It comes in a universal design, regardless of country, currency, mounting or protocol.  It is also future-proof, with multiple value-added extensions, configurations and industry-specific protocols.  Moreover, the CashCode one acceptor head can be easily swapped from one OEM to the other or from an up-stacking to down-stacking configuration.

The CashCode SM BackLoad note acceptor has the fastest note-to-stack speed in the world at 1.7 seconds.  It is designed to support door-mounted applications with small footprints such as bingo, roulette and tabletop sports betting terminals.  To meet industry demands, it is available in up-stacking, down-stacking and horizontal configurations.

Finally, the MEI SC Advance is part of the reliable SC product line that has achieved an installed base of more than 1.5 million units worldwide.  It evolved from the winning CASHFLOW SC to further improve upon the key performance attributes responsible for operator profitability and customer satisfaction – acceptance, jam rate, security and total cost of ownership.  SC Advance also has the industry’s best first-time acceptance rate for valid street-grade notes, including those that are damp, crinkled and torn. 

Like CashCode one, SC Advance is a versatile product.  And its capacity to fit a wide range of applications and accompanying cash management needs is only compounded by a growing portfolio of modular expansions, including several different cashbox sizes and the EASITRAX Soft Count cash management system.

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