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Peru Gaming Show organizers assure it will be “the event of the year”

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(Peru).- With three months to go until the 11th Edition of The Peru Gaming Show, its organizers announced that they have completely sold out the original floor plan presented and are adding additional floor space to accommodate demand. The evento to be placed at Jockey Exhibition Center in Lima next August 14-15.

The original floor plan consisted of 4,200 square meters which was already an increase of 20% over last year’s show space.  Fortunately, the Jockey Exhibition Center, the show’s home for the past three years, has place to accommodate up to 50,000 square meters by adjusting and enclosing additional areas.

General Manager Ruben Solorzano is extremely pleased with the overwhelming support of the show by the gaming industry, both suppliers and operators. Since taking over the show in 2011, Affiliated Marketing Services has made drastic efforts to promote the show in all regions of Peru.  

Ruben and his staff travel to many of Peruvian provinces personally to visit small and large operators and ensure their participation at the show. He stated: “We do not just rely on sending emails and press releases to ensure that everyone knows we exist. If we truly are to be a Show for Peru, then we have to reach all operators, not just the large operators located in Lima”.

The CEO of the company, Joe Lopez, added: “We will add as much space as we have to in order to accommodate everyone interested in exhibiting and have presence in the Peruvian Gaming Market”.

“Due to the success our exhibitors had last year, many of them increased the space they require for their exhibits. Additionally, many new suppliers are realizing the tremendous potential of Latin America and particularly Peru, with has over 700 slot rooms operating throughout the country,” he pointed. “Also, being an international trade show allows us to qualify for temporary importing of product without our exhibitors having to go through the homologation process and paying costly import fees,” he remarked.

“It’s a tremendous way for exhibitors to test the market and the response to their products before making expensive and often timely investments,” Lopez concluded.

Peru Gaming Show will be held on August 14-15 at the Jockey Exposition Center, in Lima, Peru.

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