Interview to Giorgio Abbiati, firm’s CEO

“We can confirm that the balance of ICE show was already very positive”

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(UK, exclusive A few days after the conclusion of ICE 2013, Giorgio Abbiati, CEO of Abbiati Casino Equipment, commented about the products that the firm presented at the show, the visitors’ response and the latest innovations. “We expect to keep improving our product line trying new designs, composite materials and technologies,” he pointed, when asked about the company’s goals for the future.

What's your opinion about ICE 2013? Was the new venue convenient for you?
The show has been very good. We have expected a better show comparing with the last year and the results were really very positive. We have received many important enquiries, which in the near future will hopefully be transformed in orders. People were coming to see us and make purchase decisions. We had noticed, that during the last years, customers used to take their decisions based on the sensitive relation to the cost and we are glad to see that lately more and more purchasing decisions are being taken in relation to the research of the best quality and service, which Abbiati is famous for as it is one our companies goal. We can confirm that the balance of this show was already very positive.

In regards to the new venue, it was definitely a significant change. The new venue is great: very modern, well organized space, much easier logistics.

What was visitors’ response to Abbiati’s renowned portfolio of gaming products?
We showed a number of new products, some of them with incremented technology and security features. For example, considering the growth of our company in Asian market for chips and plaques, a number of security features have been added. The security of chips, plaques and jetons has always been a goal for our company and as a witness of this we are always researching new materials and technologies to make our products safer against counterfeiting. The casinos which are not using the RFID technology are looking for some alternative security. Especially in Asia, which is one of the most growing areas. The casino operators are always looking for new alternative solutions to make their chips as secure as possible.

Another product which has received a huge amount of interest was the Contemporary American Roulette Wheel; a recent model of a Roulette Wheel, which incorporates an upgraded patented invisible laser technology (Class 1A). The wheel is made of alternative materials, which are able to guarantee to the Casino Operators the top quality and security. The main benefits of the newly manufactured wheel is a very competitive price and no visible evidence of the laser sensor or holes/apertures in the ball track. The wheel obtained a big success throughout this year and we were pleased to show it again during this exhibition.

Our latest innovation of this year is a new alternative material for the layouts, which we have introduced during this ICE show. The new material is much more economical, but still as durable as the synthetic layouts and it can be personalized according to any design that may be requested by the Casino Operators.

As every year we displayed a large range of our Live Gaming tables of various styles and configurations, a selection of our American Roulette wheels together with a selection of Winning Number Displays and these are just to name a few.

Where did most of your clients and visitors come from?
The biggest part of the visitors were from the European countries. We were please to notice the light recovery of the European market, also because it’s a very important share of our business. Saying that, we were also pleased to see our customers from Americas, Africa and few from Asian region.

What will be your show's calendar for the rest of the year?
As every year, Abbiati will exhibit its state of art products at G2E Asia and Las Vegas shows, as well as in BEGE.

What will be your next steps?
To keep improving our product line trying new designs, composite materials and technologies. Our goal is to look for the best quality we could combine with the best price offer, in order to reach our main goal, that is to satisfy our existing customers and attract new casino operators.

To look for new partnerships and valuable collaborations is also a part of our expansion plan. To make successful partnerships definitely plays a very important role talking about improving company’s results.

Abbiati Casino Equipment is well known as a company which demonstrated customers the flexibility and ability to manufacture customized equipment, satisfying even the most demanding requests. The strong after sales service and IT technical support are also key priorities for Abbiati.

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