Kunal Mishra, JCM's General Manager of New Business Development

“We had a fantastic show with a tremendous interest in our iV8 product”

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(Macau, Exclusive Yogonet.com).- “JCM has over 60% market share of slot machine bill validators in Macau”, said Kunal Mishra, JCM's General Manager of New Business Development, at recent G2E Asia, where the firm showcased its new products. He commented about the results obtained at the show and about the future plans for the Asian region.

What products did you present at G2E Asia?
 We featured our iVIZION bill validator which our 4th generation bill validator.  The unit features best in class speed, security and availability.  We showed our Sentry II bezel with the iVIZION which features a unique 2 color high contrast LCD display and can display messages in up to 4 languages.  We also featured our PayCheck 4 printer, developed  by Nanoptix.  We also showed the new JCM iV8 bill validator for table games, designed in Asia primarily for Asian casinos.

How did you see the show?
The Macau show brought in attendees from all regions of Asia, including Singapore, Korea and the Philippines.  From JCM’s vantage point, the attendance seemed to mirror last year’s show. We had a fantastic show, and there was tremendous interest in the iV8 product. After one of our demonstrations, one casino went so far as to pull dealers off their floor, had them come to the show, and receive a demonstration.

What is your opinion about the Asian market?
The Asian market is very unique.  This market has a high utilization factor per square foot of the gaming floor.  Speed, size and efficiency are the mantras constantly mentioned by the operators.  I took those tenets and designed a product to best answer their challenges.  JCM is uniquely positioned in that the majority of our resources, both financial and human resources, are in Asia.  So we develop products in our own back yard which gives us a considerable advantage in terms of research and speed to market.

What is the performance of JCM’s products there?
JCM has over 60% market share of slot machine bill validators in Macau.  We continue to maintain our leading market share with local support offices in Asia.  Our success is the simple result of a great product and best sales and support network in the business.

What are your next plans for this region?
The slot machine market only tells part of the story of the market.  Asian gaming is dominated by table games from a revenue and profitability perspective. That is the area where operators are focused.  That segment has been tremendously under-served from a cash-handling perspective.  In the past, JCM focused our solutions on cash management, which was not the answer the industry needed. Recently, we simplified our focus to cash handling and launched a custom bill validator for table games.  My goal for the unit was simple in the conceptual phase: Speed up the game.  From a cash-handling perspective this meant speeding up the buy-in process, while maintaining at least the same or enhanced level of security that is prevalent in the casino today.  We also had to be mindful of the player.  Whenever one automates a manual process, care must be taken to ensure the end user has visual evidence that the new process is as secure as the legacy process. 

Given the uniqueness of table games, even within gaming, we decided to create a custom product using best of breed technology that was available to JCM. The final product features a 200 note buy-in, a visible escrow with a 200 note capacity, a reject tray, cashbox capacity of up to 4,600 notes and a speed of 8 bills per second.  We first focused on the technology of moving and validating notes, and then worked closely with dealers and operations staff to fine-tune the unit’s ergonomics.

Finally, given that our company’s DNA is based on currency validation, we opted for the best validation available on the market.  In summary, my colleagues and co-developers, Makoto Hasegawa, Hitomi Iglesias and I, wanted a product engineered to the highest standards standard not just to a minimum specification.

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