Apple Pie Poker

Orientplay launched new poker room

United Kingdom
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(UK).- Orientplay launches and operates new poker room Apple Pie Poker. The site boasts multiple poker rooms powered by Cake Poker and Everleaf Gaming; Enet will be added to their portfolio in the near future. Apple Pie Poker differentiates itself from many other poker rooms currently available on the internet by allowing their players to choose their favourite poker room to play on.

The site allows play on all available poker rooms currently hosted on Apple Pie Poker should they wish to do so.

Apple Pie Poker’s branding concepts are exceptionally unique amongst a profusion of similar online poker rooms, and stands out with its chic artwork, a neo-vintage pasquinade in the style of art found in American advertising in the 1970s.  Its exquisite flair is obvious down to its last detail, and from one glance, one can tell the amount of love that has been poured into this project; it is an absolute beauty to behold.

OrientPlay’s brand portfolio consists of Casino Lunch, Apple Pie Poker and the aptly named Lunchbox Affiliates. The organisation deems players’ security and privacy as paramount to the success of their operations, and has gained a reputation as setting the gold standard in player protection and anti-fraud measures.

The acclaimed poker room is affiliated with over 500 active affiliation programs, making Apple Pie Poker one of the most prolific and active poker rooms on the internet.  Their cash games and tournaments are teeming with thousands of active players at any given moment.  It is also home to some of the most exclusive poker events, and often sponsors vacation packages to Malta to its players.

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