To cover, digital, mobile and retail channels

Ladbrokes appoints Sky IQ

United Kingdom
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(UK).- Ladbrokes announced that it has appointed Sky IQ as a specialist partner in customer intelligence services. They will bring additional resource and expertise to enhance its capability in customer analytics, campaign effectiveness and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Sky IQ’s remit will cover, digital, mobile and retail channels, though it is intended that digital will be a key area of focus. Sky IQ has a proven leadership in delivering strategic CRM capabilities across a range of sectors, including gaming.

Ladbrokes CEO Richard Glynn commented, “The agreement with Sky IQ is a further step along our digital development plan. We continue with our investment in digital technology, digital marketing and increased customer focus. Sky IQ’s experience of enhanced CRM and campaign management will help drive further momentum.”

Sky IQ Deputy MD Stuart Johnston said, “Ladbrokes is an ambitious organisation looking to maximise their use of marketing channels to drive their growth initiative; exactly the type of company we thrive on working with. This is a significant win for Sky IQ and we are confident we can deliver what Ladbrokes needs through customer insight and the optimisation of multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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