Statements by Yeshua Martínez Sigala, Director of Amusgo Group

“Life is all about timing, and now is the time to expand in Mexico”

United Kingdom
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(UK, exclusive Amusgo and Amatic are partners that have created for the expansion of the Mexican market: Pacific Games. Yeshua Martínez Sigala, Director of Amusgo Group, has been present at recent ICE show in London promoting the new Amatic products of the Austrian company.

Pacific Games offers in Mexico the Amatic products in the X3000 cabinet. As mentioned before the London event, Yeshua Martínez Sigala had told that Amatic would showcase their equipment on the floor in ICE with all the bell and whistles that has brought new surround sound and graphics in the totally new cabinet, as well as its latest range of games. “Besides, we have involved ourselves in the growing new world of online casino entertainment in which, with our products, we will make a statement in the online world” he added. had the chance to talk again with Yeshua Martínez Sigala in Earls Court during ICE show. When making an evaluation of the work of both firms, he assured: “The cabinet has had a very good response. We entered to the Northern region, where the machine made an average of 9,000 cycles a day, which is impressive for any parameter. It is generating good money”.

“Now we must consolidate and expand in the Mexican market, while there are still possibilities. Life is all about timing, and now’s the time to expand in this country”, he concluded.

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