Karen Sierra, Latin American Development Manager of GLI

“The entire Latin American region has been remarkable in the face of the global recession”

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According to your perception, what has been the industry’s performance during 2010?
Specially talking about Latin America, the industry has performed very well. From Mexico to Chile, suppliers have been very active, operators have been creating and meeting customer demand and regulators have been working very hard to enforce and expand regulations and to maintain the public trust. For example, regulators in Peru recently established new regulations regarding systems that will be very beneficial for the jurisdiction, and GLI is the first laboratory to achieve the accreditation of Mincetur (gaming regulatory entity in Peru) to test systems for this jurisdiction, so this is a great way to end a very exciting 2010.

What are the main problems that are affecting your business? Which are their potential solutions?
GLI has been very fortunate as a company to have avoided many of the problems facing other companies, so our focus remains firmly on helping our clients – the regulators across Latin America, and around the world. Regulators everywhere will be faced with challenges brought on by new technologies, and we will be with them every step of the way to help regulators understand the technologies and their potential jurisdictional impact. We will help to provide solutions through our consulting services and through our GLI University with the Roundtable and other trainings.

Among the markets in which you operate, which one has experienced a notorious growth and why, in your opinion?
Notorious may be the wrong word to describe the situation, so we will use the word remarkable instead. And the entire Latin American region has been remarkable in the face of the global recession. Mexico in particular has been a very interesting jurisdiction to watch, as more and more suppliers provided product into the region and established offices there.

Which country has more margin of growth facing the coming year? Why?
The entire region will be very exciting to watch – Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru are all very vibrant. We hope Brazil will continue to move toward legalized gambling, the instant potential for growth could be rival the potential of Singapore.

In your opinion, what is the most important change at the legislative and regulatory level that had taken place this year in Latin America?
Regulators across the region remained very active in 2010. The expansion of testing and certification in Argentina has been very important, as have the new systems testing rules established in Peru.  In Colombia, the reinforcement of the requirement of the systems to be implemented together with the certification process, and the reference on the regulation to regulate internet gaming.  The advances in Chile regarding the allowance of new technologies such as Server Supported Systems and Wide Area Progressive with the establishment of operational and technical requirements.  The allowance of electronic bingo in Panama prior the respective homologation process. These are just examples of all the exciting things that occurred this year in our Region.

What do you expect for 2011?
We can continue to expect great things from the entire Latin American region. We expect that regulators will need to rely on GLI for our global technical knowledge and testing capabilities, and regulators can expect GLI to be with them every step of the way.

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