Interview to Jorge Morales, Bally Sales Manager for Central America and the Caribbean

Bally seeks to unify ideas and optimize the communication among its subsidiaries in Central America

Puerto Rico
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With the promotion of Ricardo Regner in charge of the position of Director of Sales and Operations for Latin America, it was communicated this year that the guideline for this region would be running from Buenos Aires. Besides, last month it was announced the incorporation of the supervision of commercial and operational activities in Latin America to the responsibilities of Derik Mooberry, Sales Vicepresident for the Americas.

What does Central America and the Caribbean represent for Bally?
This region is highly important for us. In recent years, we have experimented a stable growth  in the different markets that comprise the region and the desire is to continue this great moment having close societies with our customers. We think that, by working together with them, we can provide them specific products to increase their profitability.

How are your products positioned in this region?
Operators have responded in a positive way to our latest innovations and, little by little, players have begun to accept our new strategies. An example of this is the great acceptance that Cash Spin has had with its revolutionary touch sensitive technology U-Spin in Puerto Rico, where profitability has exceeded all the predictions. Bally is a company with a wide experience in the industry, and, during our chequered history, we have created profitable products. Our approach will not change.

At a commercial and organizacional level, What strategies is the company implementing specifically in those markets and, consequently, in South America?
Although changes in staff have been presented within the organization in the region, where the guideline will come from Argentina with the leadership of Ricardo Regner, our customers can be completely sure that we keep on counting with the same technical and commercial support that we have been offering.  We have commercial and customer care offices in Puerto Rico and Panama, and our aim is the same: to satisfy the needs of our customers exceeding expectations. 

Which are your short-term plans?
Our plans are to unify ideas and optimize the communication among our different filiales in the region, in order to improve the operational processes. This way, we will be able to offer better products and a better technical service. Besides, we are introducing our new Pro Series cabinets in the ALPHA 2 platform to the Latin American market. Such cabinets will allow us to increment the impact of our portfolio of video games, and that is something that bring us great satisfaction.

Which is your main aim for 2011?
Our aim is clear: to position more and more as one of the regional leaders, offering stunning innovations designed to lead our customers to success, focusing in improving our customer service in the whole region and in succeeding in the releases of our most recent innovations. As I previously mentioned, we want to create solid and lasting societies with all our customers. 

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