Eduardo Aching, Konami Gaming Director of International Sales

“We will have a series of new and innovative products on our booth in G2E”

United States
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Which are your expectations and objectives for G2E Las Vegas?
G2E is the most important gaming show, and it is where all the companies will showcase their best and most innovative products. Our expectations are very high, as we will have a series of new and innovative products on our booth, and we are confident that they will also meet our customers expectations.

Will you present new products? If so, Which are their main characteristics?
That is correct, we are bringing to G2E a series of new and innovative products, and for sure they will call everyone’s attention. Their main characteristic is that they will help our customers in growing their business.

In your opinion, Which will be the main challenge of the event in its 2010 edition?
G2E is a well established trade show, and it is the one where most of the operators will base their decisions for next year. The organizers really do not have a major challenge, as things are planned very in advance. Same for us, we plan our presence in this show months in advance, so we can have a flawless participation. Planning and organization are key factors to succeed.

What trends do you expect to find in the exhibition?
I believe we will see very creative products, and this has been driven by the difficult times the industry is facing. All manufactures will have to do their best to provide the solutions to the operators challenges. 

Do you plan to assist to any of the conferences to be offered? If so, which and why?
I would like to have some time to attend some of the conferences, unfortunately due to the amount of meeting already booked with our customers coming from oversees, it will be difficult this year.

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