Billsensor and Billmaster

Azkoyen presented its new range of products at recent IGE 2010

United Kingdom
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The Billsensor combines the most advanced DSP technology with simplicity of design that allows you to radically reduce the level of maintenance compared with other market banknotes readers. It provides information in real-time about the acceptance rate and thanks to its anti-stringing system and that it has a register of the robbery attempts, it has a high security level that allowing the operator to anticipate taking the necessary steps to prevent future thefts.

Among the distinguishing features of Billmaster outstanding storage capacity of up to 300 tickets, quickly accepting a maximum of 16 tickets for the 4 different sides, or its easy maintenance and cleaning. To this point is the low level of fraud that has been achieved with this product, they expect to put at the head as far as security is concerned, one of the main objectives with this kind of solutions for reading notes.

In addition, Azkoyen launched its banknote recycler: Billhopper. It is the smallest one in the market. That facilitates its installation in any machines avoiding interferences with the rest of the components. Thanks to its modular design it can be used with the Billsensor.

Another innovation is the new Hopper T3 with 40% higher capacity than the rest of standards hoppers in the market (1.550 coins/ single bowl  or 2.750 Coins/double bowl). This reduce the number of hopper per machines which means lower cost for the manufacturers.

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