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JCM to show revolutionary new products at IGE

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For the past 20 years, JCM Global has led the gaming industry with peripheral components that have allowed operators to quickly and safely accept wagers and payout winnings at slot machines. These innovative components are vital to the gaming industry’s revenue stream.

iVIZION forever changes the way the gaming industry sees bill validators. It is the foundation of intelligent validation and sees better, thinks smarter and runs faster than any bill validator in the industry.

The validation and denomination process is powered by Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Technology that scans 75 times more data points than any competitive product and captures the full image of a banknote or a ticket. It optically centers banknotes and eliminates the need for mechanical centering, dramatically improving banknote-to-banknote-processing speed. Inside iVIZION combines optical and patented mechanical anti-stringing device that detects and prevents manipulation or mechanical cheating.

It runs faster with a powerful processor solely dedicated to banknote evaluation, resulting in a 99+ percent acceptance rate and the fastest banknote-to-banknote processing speed. It is self-calibrating, accepts banknotes up to 85mm wide and has a sealed banknote path with dirt and liquid resistant design, resulting in less service-related down time.

The company pointed that iVIZION is the best, most powerful bill validator available, the best defense against counterfeiting and the fastest way to profits. Its features are: Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Technology, which captures 100% total image, optical banknote centering that increases banknote processing speed and acceptance rate and optical/mechanical anti-threading technology that detects and prevents manipulation or mechanical cheating.

Besides, it has two high-speed processors run iVIZION faster than any bill validator, it is         100% gaming protocol compatible, self-calibrating for increased up-time, RFID ICB directly links cash box to asset and data, ICB memory module that gives accurate, redundant baseline data capture.

Other characteristics are: Customizable ICB reporting which keeps you on top of activity,        Web-enabled ICB reports, that allows for access to encrypted data from anywhere and easy-entry 85mm wide bezel that accepts all the world’s currencies.

Sealed banknote path keeps dirt and moisture out, maintaining high acceptance rate
The new Transactional Bill Validator (TBV) from JCM Global is an incredibly fast bulk note bill validator. Its bulk note feeder can accept up to 50 notes at once, and its state-of the-art sensing technology processes notes at less than two seconds for variable notes, and an amazing 1.7 seconds for fixed width notes. Its 2,000 note plastic cash box has a side door for easy access to note retrieval, and JCM’s exclusive ICB feature reduces accounting variances.

Bulk note feeder accepts up to 50 notes for quick processing of large stacks of cash
Accepts multiple denominations simultaneously so there is no need to sort banknotes prior to insertion. The TBV processes notes from the bottom of stack, allows the user to stack more notes on top. Its wide bezel opening allows for easy entry and accepts notes from 60 mm to 85 mm and Sensor on Board technology gives the highest level of counterfeit detection.

Fast 1.7 second processing speed makes for a speedy drop process, 2,000 note plastic cash box is impact resistant, easily accessible and has a large capacity. Self-centering mechanism accepts all currencies in one acceptor head ICB®enabled cashbox reduces accounting variances and tracks assets.
The Sentry 2.0 bezel brings that interactivity to a new level utilizing high resolution, high contrast, two color LCD. The player-friendly interactive massaging is noticeable immediately, and, because it is controlled by the bill validator, absolutely no changes to the game software are necessary.

The Sentry 2.0 bezel is customizable and easily programmable so an operator can display a wide range of messages – such as the property logo or a good luck message – all in bright, fully functional two-color LCD graphics. When the bezel is in attract mode, it operates at full light intensity; when a player begins to play, the bezel automatically dims to create a more comfortable gaming experience.

The new Sentry 2.0 is designed to accept banknotes and tickets up to 85mm wide, and incorporates multi-currency and multi-language support. The original release will support English, French, Spanish and simple Chinese, which can be displayed one at a time or in concert, such as English/Spanish or English/French.

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