Golden Baccarat uses an electronic dealer and the same rules of a live game

IGT’s electronic baccarat debuted in Four Winds Casino in Michigan

United States
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Golden Baccarat from IGT uses an electronic dealer and the same rules as a live game with all the betting options and payoffs, which are displayed electronically. For instance, just like in the casino version, players can bet on the "banker," the "player" or on a "tie," with the machine holding a 5 % commission on winning bank hands, just like in live baccarat.

In addition there’s a side bet if a pair or three-of-a-kind is dealt on player or bank hands. The game recently debuted at the Four Winds Casino in Michigan, and plans are under way to introduce the game in Nevada and Southern California casinos.

The game is simple to play, with touch screen controls for betting chips and viewing dealt cards. It is played in "real time" with other players at the table.

An interesting feature is the onscreen "trends" button, which shows a history of wins paid on the banker, player and tie hand bets, as well as a detailed history of the cards dealt.
Often times live baccarat players like to track how the cards have fallen (usually on score cards provided by the casino), and the electronic version does all the work for the player.

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