Miguel Ángel Puyol, Head of Brabingo

Brabingo presented its new game Evolution Black Jack in Mexico

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Which has been Brabingo experience in the Mexican event?
We came with our traditional bingo equipment, Brabingo, which is widely known. In this opportunity, we presented Evolution Black Jack, a totally innovative product, which is a black jack with a real draw. It is special for this Mexican market, where we work with
balls that become cards; each ball represents one card. The product has had a fantastic success; it exceded all our expectations. This was a secret project; it was an idea of mine that was registered and, a few hours after being presented in this event, we had had orders from the biggest Mexican operators; even a lot of Euopean people was interested in our product.

Which is the main innovation?
The main innovation is that all the black jacks that you can see in the event have a video-draw; a virtual draw. In this opportunity, we are treating this machine with four card games, represented by its equivalent in ball games. It is a unique machine worldwide; it is as fast as a human croupier, and distributes the two initial cards in eight seconds. Besides, unlike any table game, here you do noy need a croupier or room controllers or cameras to control, because the machine controls itself; it is very secure and has an RFID system. It is supported by a software system that was developed in Argentina, and the electronic part, the cabinet, all the hardware was made in Brazil.

Will you be presenting it in another event?
We will take it to SAGSE Buenos Aires and we would also want to go to MAGIA, although I don’t know if we will have the time for it, because right now we have to comply everything we have promised here.

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