The first property is scheduled to be installed in early September

Konami announces Osage Nation partnership

(US).- Konami Gaming announced that it has been awarded the casino management system contract for the Osage Nation of Oklahoma, which currently operates 3,200 slot machines across seven properties throughout the state.
United States
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The Konami Casino Management System (KCMS) will be deployed in a real-time, one-card, multi-site replicated environment for the Osage Nation. The first property is scheduled to be installed in early September, with all properties scheduled to go live on KCMS by early December.

“We are very pleased to be entering into this partnership with the Osage Nation,” says Jay Bertsch, System Sales Director for Konami Gaming, Inc. “We are thrilled with our success in the Oklahoma market and thankful for the wonderful customers we are able to partner with in this territory. By spring of 2010, there will be 17 total KCMS installations in Oklahoma.”

As part of this partnership, the Osage Nation will be implementing Patron 360 across all seven properties. Patron 360 is a powerful suite of marketing tools designed to increase the overall patron experience and positively impact the bottom line. The Patron Worth module of Patron 360 will give the Osage Nation cutting edge applications that will define and maintain a highly-configurable series of key performance indicators designed specifically to assess patron worth across all gaming and non-gaming amenities.

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