Starting August 18th in Kiev, Ukraine

EPT will use 100% plastic cards of Fournier in its sixth season

(Ukraine).- The European Poker Tour, one the most prestigious poker circuit, will use Fournier cards for its sisth season, which starts August 18th in Kiev, Ukraine.
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After two seasons being the oficial cards in the circuit, 100% plastic Fournier cards will be used again in the 13th stages that European Poker Tour plans for its sixth season.

The fifth EPT season of PokerStars had an incredible success and exceded WPT (World Poker Tour) in number of players and prizes accumulated. Last EPT season generated a total accumulated prize of almost 55 million euros with 7,980 players from 97 countries, 3,077 of which were PokerStars players. Last year, the four accumulated prizes with more poker tournaments outside US were in the fifth EPT season in: Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure –PCA- (us$ 12.7 million); Monte Carlo ( us$12,3 million); San Remo (us$ 7.5 million) and Barcelona ( us$7 million).

This sixth season “aims to set even higher standards”, according to John Duthie, General Director of EPT. “That’s why we have added new cities to the calendar, as well as a great variety of games and entrantes to be able to satisfy more players.” All of them will play with 100% plastic cards of Fournier.

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