After the launching party in London event

Magic Dreams launches Poker Boost jackpot to the market

(Italy).- After the success of IGE release, in London, Poker Boost arrives to the international market as the most innovative product of Magic Dreams. It consists in a five-level Jackpot mix, a progressive and a Mystery Jackpot.
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Four of its levels as like classic progressives, that just may be won playing the maximum bet. “But the novelty of our product is the Mystery Jackpot that may be won in any level of bet,” commented the heads of the company.

“It is the true innovative strength of Poker Boost, which offers every player the same possibility to win the Mystery Jackpot and keep boosting the passion for the game. The aim of Magic Dreams is to satisfy the needs of the final customer: the player,” they added.

Poker boost is compatible with all Magic Dreams poker games: Jokers Double, Jacks or better, Jokers Wild and Doubel Draw Poker.

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