Interview to Oscar Londoño, General Manager for Latin America of Atronic

"The balance of Atronic's presence in IGE 2009 has been excellent"

United Kingdom
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What was the feedback from the visitors at Atronic booth?

The feedback has been excellent. We have had many more Latin American visitors than expected, considering the crisis and the long distance, as well, because this show does not usually have many Latin American visitors. However, we have had an excellent presence and the results were much better than expected.

Atronic made a very strong offer with new developments. Which were the products presented?

Basically we have many new products, which we have originally presented in Las Vegas, but now we are releasing the products that are ready to sell. The most important are Tree of Riches, which is a concept with a lot of participation, because it is a community game. We also presented Stargate SG-1, a licensed product, and Cascading Cash, a new concept in community games, a mystery jackpot. Besides, in systems, we presented for the administration of the casino network.

How do you think this international crisis may affect the gaming business in general? Does Atronic have any strategy to face it?

The crisis definitely affects us, especially in markets where the crisis is crucial such as in US. It has also been felt in Europe. It has not reached Latin America yet, but we know it will arrive, although we hope it does not affect the region so strongly.

As we are accustomed to crisis in Latin America, will just have to react faster in the state of mind.

In the rest of the world people just talks about the crisis, they are depressed, while the crisis of dismissals in Latin America is already normal, so the emotional part affects us much less, although it do affects us in the economic part. Definitively, the closure of companies and casinos and the great limitations in acquisitions will affect us. But we are all right so far.

In terms of developments, Do you have any plans to target any market in particular in 2009?

We are presenting more new products than ever before, due to the e-gaming concept. There are new projects, Thanks God we have distributed our market, so, when the crisis affects us in one country, the other can keep it.

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