It has all the requirements demanded by the City Council to operate

The biggest Mexican casino is being built in Leon

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This "Casino", which will be its commercial name and is located in one of the zones with best added value of the place near Plaza Mayor, has all the requirements demanded by the town council so far.

"It has everything legal: a license for the use of the land and a construction license, on top of the operating license as a remote betting center,” commented García León.

The building, located in Clouthier Boulevard and José María Morelos Blvd, is not operational yet, because some refurbishments are being made, "but it will operate as ‘Yak 8' or ‘Caliente', with a license for a restaurant-bar", he added. In this business, remote betting will be performed through TV screens “which is allowed by the Government Secretary”, he affirmed.

And although Francisco García León assured that casinos in Mexico are not allowed, he acknowledged that in this business “remote betting will be performed”. He said that, as it does not have a croupier, there is no one in charge of the cards or chips. He also remarked the type of illumination and that it would be the largest in the country.

García León declared that the nature of people of Leon is to bet in games of chance, and that the legislators and the city council would have to define if this type of business is a kind of casino or not.

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