Due to a rule change

BMM can now offer its services in South Dakota

United States
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“This is a huge win for BMM and proof of the continuing sea change we are seeing across the USA, as regulatory authorities continue to acknowledge the real benefit and value of competition in the gaming test lab space; both for themselves and the constituents they service, and the industry overall,” said Martin Storm, President and CEO of BMM Compliance.

“It is clearly very difficult for anyone to argue against the benefits competition brings to any industry or sector. It is equally clear, that the value and benefits competition brings are dramatic and compelling from a policy, regulatory and business perspective; particularly when an industry has been denied choice and competition for so long as the captives of a monopoly service provider, which has been the case historically in the North American gaming test lab market”.

He added: “This change in South Dakota, after 19 years, speaks to the clear value of the enhanced levels of quality, service, performance, innovation and very importantly, accountability that competition offers to both regulatory authorities and gaming manufacturers. We applaud the South Dakota Gaming Commission for taking this step. With the world, and over 250 North American regulators accepting BMM, there are now only a handful of remaining jurisdictions in North America yet to allow competition in this critical space. We are confident this will change very soon as the last jurisdictions also realize the value and accountability competition brings.”

It is anticipated that the rule change allowing ISO-certified competitive test lab service providers to operate in South Dakota will take effect officially on or about next May 7. Established in 1981, BMM is the oldest established gaming compliance company and test lab in the world, and the first gaming test lab to receive ISO certification.

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