It has guided industry professionals since its first printing in 1997

Clarion Gaming releases its Internet Gambling Report - Tenth Edition

United Kingdom
Reading time 52 seg

Plus, as the product of a "dream team" of contributing authors, it offers instant access to 41of the industry’s sharpest minds.

In addition to a foundation of covering central concepts related to gambling and technology, IGR 10 contains 25 updated chapters and 5 brand new chapters covering recent developments affecting the industry, including: the Antigua/US WTO conflict, the implementation of England’s new gambling policy, the legal climate in Asia, the US prohibition, cross-border issues in Europe and more.

It further delves into discussion of important business topics, such as intellectual property, age verification and advertising and places additional focus on industry sectors like poker and betting exchanges.

Founded by internationally known gaming lawyer Anthony Cabot and edited by Mark Balestra, an 11-year veteran in I-gaming publishing, Internet Gambling Report is an industry standard and a resource that should be on the desk of every I-gaming executive and at the fingertips of anyone conducting research into the increasingly complex business of online gambling. It has guided industry professionals since its first printing in 1997, and continues to be an invaluable tool.

"Internet Gambling Report has consistently been the best commercial resource for industry legal and regulatory developments around the world," comments Norbert Teufelberger, Co-CEO of interactive entertainment AG. "As we expand around the globe, it’s helped support our decision-making."

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