A 40% increment is planned this season

Spaniards spend 600 million on Internet sporting bets

(Spain).- The Spanish Internet Bettors Association (Aedapi) revealed that Spain is in the sixth place in gaming volume in the European Union and also had the highest growth, a 65% between 2005 and 2006.
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This season, a new growth of 40% had been forecast, reaching 600 million euros. Spanish Internet users are divided into approximately fifteen web pages in which football reached 289 million in 2006, which is the 70% of the total. The 15% of 413 million were dedicated to tennis results, a 7% to cars and a 3% to rugby, horse races and other sports.

“The traditional bettor usually tries different disciplines, while the regular client focuses in only one sport, in which he keeps informed to assure his investments. Otherwise, the

level of professionalization of the Spanish bettor is not the same as the British bettor, who is more focused to horse races”, says Yago Perrin, Director of Paddypower.com in Spain. This Irish web site, that quotes in the stock market, entered August 15th on the Spanish Internet with bets in bullfighting (corrida de toros).

“As the market average, we think we will obtain an 80% of the incomes from football and we will dedicate approximately 90% of the collection to prizes”, calculates Perrin. Besides, companies like Bwin, Betfair, Unibet or Miapuesta.com point that Spanish competition has the 40% of the investments; Champions League attracts a 30%; Premier League, one in each euros and Italian football (Calcio) a 5%.

“The quantity of bets depends on the media coverage of each event”, explains Sasha Micaud, Director of Betfair in Spain and spokesman of Aedapi. “Next year the Eurocopa is to be placed, and I can bet that our activity will increase”, he assured.

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