José Sulaimán, head of CMB, believes that Cancún could become like Las Vegas

The casino opening in Mexico adds more supporters

(Mexico).- Head of the Worldwide Box Council declared that he supported the casino legalization in Mexico and declared he expected the installation of gambling rooms in Cancun “for the country's sake".
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"Casinos would boost the economy, but as long as they are regulated by a honourable committee. There's no reason why casinos should not exist in the country, in cities like Cancún, which, together with box, would become the Mexican “Las Vegas”, assured José Sulaimán, head of Worldwide Box Council.

Several weeks ago, the company Centros Internacionales de Apuestas sent invitations to around twenty legislators from PAN, PRD and PRI, belonging to Tourism and Government Commissions, so as to convince them to approve a legal reform that allows the casino instalation in the country.

It also suggested deputies to participate as speakers in Bingo Mexico conference, developed last March 6th in luxury Hotel South Point Resort in Las Vegas.

In one of these invitations from Harrinson & Montoya, such company with a venue in Santa Ana, California, which represents the firm Bingo Wold, comments that “Mexico is one of the main nations for the gaming industry that remains unexploited”.

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