By Oron Barber (*)

Bitcoin payments, growing sector in iGaming markets

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| 25/01/2016

Bitcoin may be faced with challenges to receive the nod of the mainstream market, but it had no trouble suiting up as the digital currency for online gambling.

Its blockchain technology enables several innovations that would have only been a fantasy in real-money online gambling. Its features and capabilities combined introduce new standards in the market, with focus on gaming experience and security.

This is how perfect this cryptocurrency is for iGaming, bar none—so much that if Bitcoin failed to take off, the online gambling sector would be more than happy to welcome it.

With a collection of casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, bitcoin lotteries and other gambling sites already running on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it is only logical for Bitcoin gambling to earn the thumbs up of the community of online gambling enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin gambling has but a tiny share of the entire iGaming market. Like on the macro level, Bitcoin in online gambling struggles to cover a larger market.

But things have started to change. More have begun to notice what Bitcoin can offer.

Other than the increasing number of Bitcoin gambling sites, the demand to learn more about the relationship of iGaming and the cryptocurrency also rises. Hence the need for credible and leading information sources like Bitcoin Gambling Guide that provides quality perspectives about this niche market.

Similarly, the initiative to discuss the role and potential of Bitcoin in the online gambling industry continues to become evident in the conferences, expos, and conventions held regularly.

The heightened curiosity and interest in Bitcoin gambling alone is a sign of its promising future in the iGaming industry. This, however, will remain an opportunity unless the operators, entrepreneurs, and players of real-money gambling begin to accept the presence and likely contributions of cryptocurrencies to this industry.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin gambling supporters are hopeful that leaving the notion that Bitcoin is only an alternative to fiat currencies in online gambling will not be an uphill battle. After all, with a strong potential to make it big, it will be too difficult to ignore Bitcoin’s more significant role in iGaming in the years to come.

By Oron Barber (*)