420 delegates heading to Tokyo
Japan | 08/05/2017
The Japan Gaming Congress (JgC) is being held on May 10 - 11 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
At booth 1125
Macau | 08/05/2017
SUZOHAPP is ready to show a variety of components and solutions that meets the demands of various gaming market segments on May 16 – 18 in Macau.
Chinese administration monitors ATM withdrawals and casino authorities
Macau | 08/05/2017
Macau plans to add security features to ATMs to monitor withdrawals, authorities in the world's largest gambling hub.
On May 10 - 11
Japan | 05/05/2017
The event will offer an insight and understanding into the country's casino legislation and will take place at Grand Hyatt in Tokyo.
Government will grant only two or three licenses
Japan | 05/05/2017
The Macau gambling firm has officially join the group of international casino operators interested in start a new bussines in the asian country after the recent legalization of the industry.
SVP Business Development Australia Asia Pacific to speak on panel at JgC
Japan | 05/05/2017
SVP Business Development Australia Asia Pacific, John Rochester, commented "Japan is a huge market for new gaming revenue and it will be driven by demand for gaming services. Japan's addition to the gaming universe builds a keen anticipation for how it will be regulated, and which regulatory best practices it will look to."
Gamblers placed bets on an average USD 74,367 per day
Taiwan | 05/05/2017
The Criminal Investigation Bureau raided four locations in Taichung and arrested 33 suspects while seizing computers, cell phones, China UnionPay cards and more than USD 16,000 in cash.
Driven by expanding profit in Macau and Philippines
Macau | 05/05/2017
According to the official report, net revenue for the first three months of the year was USD 1,277.2M, which represents an improvement of approximately 16% compared to the USD 1,103.6M collected in 2016.
For ninth consecutive month
Macau | 05/05/2017
Revenue at the world's biggest casino hub of Macau rose 16.3% in April, as new resorts helped draw high rollers and casual gamblers to the country's only legal casino hub.
Effective July 1
India | 04/05/2017
The national authorities are putting lottery tickets in the 28% goods and services tax (GST) bracket, the highest tax category in the country.
Del 31/05 al 02/05
Miami, United States
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Lima, Peru
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Sao Paulo, Brazil