Andrew Cardno is Chief Technology Officer at VizExplorer, a leader in operational intelligence solutions for the gaming, manufacturing and sports industries. An acclaimed thought leader and author in the fields of Data Visualization, Big Data and Analytics, Cardno revels in solving analytical challenges businesses face today and in the future.

Andrew Cardno
United States | 03/08/2016
The Internet of Things (IoT)—loosely defined as a network of Internet-connected devices that talk to one another and that each produce their own data streams—is reshaping the world in which we live. According to researchers at Stanford, these devices are “…in engines, monitoring combustion and performance. They are in our shoes and on our wrists, helping us exercise enough and measuring our sleep. They are in our phones, our homes, hospitals, offices, ovens, planes, trains, and automobiles.” In casinos, there are already hundreds of devices and systems that stream their own data sets, and as gaming continues to mature, every action players take both inside and outside the property will create its own dataset in real-time. As casinos become smarter, they will begin to utilize all these disparate data sets intelligently, giving rise to the smart casino. To explore the impacts of the smart world on the IoT, we highlight five key points.
United Kingdom | 10/01/2014
This is the first in a 12 part series on big data in gaming, this series will introduce the key concepts around big data, where this data is coming from and touching on how to apply this data in your bricks and mortar business. After reading this first article you should appreciate what big data is or might be doing to your business and some key ideas on how it can be harnessed to move your data world into the age of transactions. Future articles will expand on more specifics.
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