Shauli Rozen, Head of Strategic Services for Optimove, is a tech and data expert, consultant and business leader, specializing in creating business value through data-driven marketing and monetization strategies. His previous positions include Director of Strategy at Amdocs and Management Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, where he advised senior management of Fortune 500 companies. Shauli holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and an MBA from the Wharton Business School in the University of Pennsylvania.

Shauli Rozen
Israel | 08/06/2016
There are several typical new:existing player revenue ratios that operators should be aware of as they grow their business, as these ratios are often a good signal on the overall health or growth stage of their business. A new, growing company must remember to nurture its new players, but bear in mind that driving 90% of revenue from new players could be a red flag. On the other hand, mature, solid companies should constantly refresh their player base and keep in mind that an “old player base” that is responsible for more than 90% of revenues may predict a business slowdown.
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