Peter Bertilsson is the CEO of Metric Gaming (, a B2B sports betting software and services provider. Metric is currently rolling out a mobile-optimized sportsbook platform built to accommodate both traditional sportsbook content and the company’s flagship SuperLive markets (enabling instant gratification betting such as whether a goal will score in the next sixty seconds, or a golfer will sink an imminent birdie putt), as well as various other unique betting products designed to enhance player engagement.

Peter Bertilsson
United States | 09/03/2016
Despite its maturity, the global sports betting market is growing at a remarkable pace. The internet naturally played a critical role in accelerating that growth, which was further compounded by the world’s smartphone revolution and now stands to continue its trajectory as new technologies inevitably enhance sports betting’s appeal and facilitate its dissemination. But the global interest in sports itself – already practically a religion in many parts of the world – somehow seems to be growing as well. Perhaps in today’s culture of on-demand entertainment, sport's increasingly rare quality of demanding a live viewing audience has managed to intensify its overall attraction.
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