Germany, Japan and Iowa were all places Kahlil called home as a child. This fragmented upbringing and ability to speak multiple languages translated itself into several entrepreneurial endeavors. He served in the US Air Force stationed in Las Vegas, which is where Kahlil made his mark fairly quickly in the casino world. After licensing his first startup idea to Caesar's Palace Las Vegas in 1997, he embarked on a creative and business career that saw further marketing activations and collaboration with HBO, Cirque Du Soleil, Disney and more. In his current role as President and co-founder of Vancouver Canada based SpendSight Technologies Inc, his company provides casinos around the world with seamless cloud based access to the retail spending and non-gaming behavior of their Players Club members.

Kahlil Ashanti
Canada | 13/10/2015
Since the 1980s most casinos have relied upon Players Club cards to reflect the gaming preferences and habits of their most valued database of customers.  It was very easy to tell who the ‘Whales’ were, because when they spent money, you knew it and rewarded them accordingly. ('Whale' is a slang term for someone who spends lots of money). Khalil Ashanti analyzes how the behaviour of 'Whales' has changed since the 80s.
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