As the director of Optimove’s professional services team, Moshe Demri is focused on helping clients enhance their customer marketing strategies, optimize their retention plans, and utilize their use of the Optimove software. Moshe has vast experience consulting clients as a data scientist, analyzing their customer data and revealing actionable, data-driven marketing insights. Moshe holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, specializing in Information Systems.

Moshe Demri
Israel | 03/07/2015
At its heart, real-money gaming is an emotional experience. In that suspenseful moment right before finding out whether you’ve won or lost, your pulse quickens, your palms sweat, your mind focuses. The thrill of winning releases endorphins and creates a feeling of near euphoria, while the agony of a loss causes frustration and disgruntlement. For gaming operators and developers, it is important to understand the emotional responses of players and use them to their advantage.
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