With over 30 years of experience in the industry, he has served as Engineering Manager and Project Manager in the implementation of Management and Online Control Systems for operational management of casinos. As a consultant, advises Regulators Gaming entities and Game standards bodies.

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Gerardo Taccone
| 19/05/2014
Technological advances introduced in mobile devices have generated changes in consumers’ behavior. This movement is part of our lives and, through these devices, access to information now also moves with us.
| 31/03/2014
In this article, engineer Gerardo Taccone analyses how and when gaming companies should focus their efforts on increasing productivity and competitiveness.
| 16/01/2014
In this article Engineer Gerardo Taccone talks about the importance of the correct use of the productive resources of casinos, in line with the concept of sustainable development. The conservation of energy resources contribute to the conservation of the environments and, at the same time, reduces operating costs.
| 17/09/2013
The current Information and Communication Technology Systems -ICT- used in the management and transmission of information by telematic media -telecommunication and computing-, have built into their productive processes the goal to facilitate the insertion of products and services in the global commercialization model, where competition forces dynamic adjustment to the changing market conditions.
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