Carlos Fonseca Sarmiento is a partner of Varela & Fonseca Abogados SAC. He has a Master Degree in Constitutional Law and Public Administration and he is a leading member of the International Masters of Gaming Law.

Carlos Fonseca Sarmiento
Peru | 20/01/2014
Three typical characteristics of the gambling industry are its dynamism, technology and its international nature. Constant and permanent changes in software and hardware, many of them coming from United States and Europe, are the driving force of multiple businesses in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia, to name a few.
| 29/04/2013
Lawyer and international consultant Carlos Fonseca Sarmiento, specialized in legal aspects for the Latin American gaming industry, performs a general analysis on the reasons that lead this sector to count with a high level of informality in different countries of the region.
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Corferias Exhibition Center, Bogota, Colombia
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