Government authorities also responsible for licensing the operations

Alabama's electronic bingo war escalates as AG files multiple lawsuits

The office of Attorney General Steven Marshall has also requested circuit courts to grant preliminary injunctions to cease unlawful gambling operations in these counties while the lawsuits are pending.

United States 
| 10/10/2017

Alabama Attorney General Steven Marchall has filed multiple lawsuits against casinos that operate illegal gambling machines as so called “electronic bingo.” The decision hits five counties –Greene, Houston, Lowndes, Macon, and Morgan– in a move to ban the promotion, operation and transportation of the machines in those counties.

The Attorney General office is also seeking injunctive relief and wants gambling operations to cease while the lawsuits are pending. Furthermore, the lawsuits target casinos, machine manufacturers and vendors as well government authorities “responsible for licensing and overseeing electronic bingo operations in those counties.”

The statement by AG Marshall reads:

“It is the responsibility of the Attorney General to ensure that Alabama’s laws are enforced, including those laws that prohibit illegal gambling. Through multiple rulings in recent years, the Alabama Supreme Court has made it abundantly clear that electronic bingo and the use of slot machines are illegal in all Alabama counties.  Therefore, we have taken action to hold accountable those who defy the laws of our state.  These lawsuits represent a comprehensive legal approach developed by the Attorney General, with the assistance of the Office’s career experts, to finally put a stop to illegal gambling.”

Alabama has pursued numerous cases over the past five years to bring clarity and enforcement to the anti-gambling laws of the state.  In each of these cases, the courts of the state have repeatedly determined that the game of bingo cannot be played on electronic devices, and slot machines are clearly illegal in the state.

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