“We want to have it safe, regulated, and fair”

Minnesota joins sports betting battle

Minnesota Rep. Pat Garofalo wants to introduce sports betting legislation.

United States 
| 12/09/2017

A Minnesota lawmaker is considering to introduce a piece of legislation that would regulate sports betting in the state.

The Minnesota Public Radio revealed that Rep. Pat Garofalo wants to introduce sports betting legislation:

“We want to have it safe, regulated, and fair,” he argued. “Sports gambling is taking place in Minnesota, especially with the Internet. A lot of this money that’s being wagered is going overseas, where there are no consumer protections. It’s not being regulated.”

The news comes as the Minnesota State Department of Public Safety announced it is ramping up enforcement against illegal sports wagering.

The state believes it can stop at least some bookmakers that physically operate within its territory.

Currently, New Jersey’s sports betting case is in front of the US Supreme Court. A win could pave the way for other states to join NJ's legalization efforts.

According to the American Gaming Association, research shows that a legal, regulated sports betting market could bring $531 million in economic output to Minnesota’s economy, support up to 3,093 jobs and generate up to $107 million in tax revenue.


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