New measures would allow bookies to apply for a new type of license

Nevada moves to expand eSports betting

Currently, eSports betting in Nevada is covered under gaming regulation 22.120 which governs wagering on “events other than a horse race, greyhound race or athletic event.”

United States 
| 11/09/2017

During an eSports conference celebrated last week in Las Vegas, Nevada’s Gaming Control Board chief, Karl Bennison said sports betting operators in the state will be allowed to place wager on multiple eSports competitions.

At the moment, Nevadas' Gaming Commission only allows operators to place bets on a single event at a time. However, the new rules will grant permission to accept wagers on multiple eSports event.

Bennison explained the concept of approving multiple events offered by one trusted event host arose during the second of a series of meetings held to address the intersection of the gambling and esports worlds.

"To streamline the process we are looking at approving a whole series of events if they are offered by a particular company,” Bennison added. “As long as we are comfortable with that company, the licensee won’t have to apply for each event separately — they can apply for them all at same time.”

Although Benison recognized the exponential growth of the eSports betting industry over the past years and said esports betting could be allowed in the same way betting is offered on NASCAR races or athletic events such as NFL and NBA games, he didn’t mention a timeline for the change.

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