Gaming facility expected to open next month

New Hampshire approves first charitable gaming casino

This is one of two charitable gaming casinos looking to set up in town, according to New Hampshire Gaming Commission,

United States 
| 11/08/2017

The state Planing Board anounced the final approval of the gaming facility to be located at 286 North Broadway, Salem.

The owner of the new casino, Dan Dandreo, said the gaming facility will have a seating capacity of 300 people, 25 poker tables and 10 carnival game tables.

According to the local media, residents of Salem approved a zoning ordinance at the annual town meeting in March allowing charitable gaming operations in commercial and industrial zones. Cheers Casino and Poker Rooms is the first to take advantage of it, said Planning Director Ross Moldoff.

Charitable gaming means that a portion of profits are donated to charities. Fully for-profit gambling and Keno outside of the state lottery is not allowed in New Hampshire.

The facility would be open from about noon until 1 a.m., with peak hours being primarily between 4 and 9 p.m.

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