Legislature’s inaction is a setback for online lottery operators

Massachusetts' iGaming bill likely to be postponed until 2018

Senate President, Stanley Rosenberg, said iGaming bill is being reviewed by a special commission.

United States 
| 19/05/2017

According to recent comments made by Massachusetts' Senate President, Stanley Rosenberg, the efforts to legalize online gambling in the state will have to wait until next year.

“Online lottery and online gaming are both issues that are being reviewed now to try to figure out how we manage the situation so we don’t hurt the lottery,” Rosenberg said in an interview on Boston Herald Radio, according to Statehouse News Service, “and in the case of online gaming, that we don’t hurt the casino industry we’re building in Massachusetts", Online Poker Report published.

Rosenberg went on to say action on either front in 2017 looks unlikely. However, he didn’t rule out 2018, noting he expects research on both topics by the end of the year.

“We could potentially act next year, potentially,” Rosenberg said.

As is always the case, lawmakers cite cannibalization of current gaming revenue as the reason for legislative prudence. However, there remains no credible evidence of online gambling having a negative impact on brick-and-mortar gaming.

Lottery Commissioner Anthony Salvidio claimed: “What is it going to take for legislators to realize this, a complete collapse of the revenue of the Lottery before they get on this?”.


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