Bill now moves to House

Illinois Senate gives thumbs up to new casino in Danville

Mayor of Danville, Scott Eisenhauer, approved the construction of the new casino.

United States 
| 19/05/2017

Local lawmakers passed a gaming bill this week that would allow the construction of a new gaming facility in the state. However, the project still needs the Governor's approval.


Although Danville is one step closer to having its own casino, Mayor Scott Eisenhauer said he's not keeping high expectations about it, Fox News reported.

"To us, this is not a gaming bill, this is an economic development bill,” Eisenhauer said.

“This is about 650 permanent jobs in this community and good paying jobs if you look at what casinos across the state of Illinois are paying."

Eisenhauer pointed out the push for a casino in Danville has gotten to this point before, but then ultimately failed.

This bill is part of a plan that wants to allow six new casinos in the state, in order to generate more than USD 550M in revenues.

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