On May 30 – 31

Alfastreet gears up for Belgrade Future Expo

The show has a big impact on the Balkan region, where Alfastreet retains a strong market position.

| 17/05/2017

Alfastreet will be exhibiting the latest evolution of the R8 – 8 station fully automated Roulette machine.

The show has a big impact on the Balkan region, where Alfastreet retains a strong market position.

The 2017 product lineup features novelties both hardware and software department, elevating the gaming experience for the players and guaranteeing maximum efficiency to the operators. The focus on this year’s show is about the adaptability and flexibility of Alfastreet equipment, where there’ll be the opportunity to test the company’s latest features on playing terminals, that provide options to connect with any automated and/or live sources.

The latest R8 is equipped with the state-of-the-art lighting of the numerical board that provides a various array of information with a simple combination of LED lights under each number. The player can enjoy the game history, Hot’n’Cold numbers, game phase and plenty more, simply by looking at the wheel. Not to forget the visual impression it provides on the gaming floor.

Alfastreet wll be exhibiting at booth A2a.


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