Opponents claim the measure could impact the value of media rights

Sports betting ads to be banned by Australian government

Australian Senator Nick Xenophon is the major sponsor of the proposal.

| 20/04/2017

Communications Minister- Mitch Fifeld- will go to cabinet on Tuesday with the proposal that would affect all betting advertising during live sporting events.

The proposed has attracted major criticism from other Australian authorities. Malcolm Speed- executive director of the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports- said: “We don’t support a ban on sports betting advertising, on the basis that it is likely to impact on media rights deals or the value of media rights, which is the sports’ greatest asset."

As part of the deal, the federal government is expected to engage in a trade-off with free-to-air TV networks, which is likely to see them use the deal as leverage to have their licensing fees reduced. It is not yet clear whether a similar deal will be struck to compensate subscription television.

Senator Nick Xenophon, who has been the driving force behind the bans, said he supported the project.

“Obviousl­y, I support tightening up gambling advertising ... I’m not going to stand in the way of ­restrictions, but if you want it to be sustainable in the long term, you bring the broadcasting industry with you,” he said, adding “it should also come with a reduction in licensing fees”. He said he would also support subscription networks getting an equivalent discount.

Profit from betting agencies has provided a significant increase in revenues for sports.


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