Exclusive interview with Bart Esposito, CEO, Sirplay

Sirplay debuts premium partnership with Microgaming and Playtech at FADJA 2017

Sirplay CEO Bart Esposito invites Latin American attendees to visit the company's booth N. 8 at FADJA 2017.

| 20/04/2017

The Malta-based sports betting software company told Yogonet: “With these partnerships, we want to prove our willingness to keep raising the standards.”

Despite the uncertainty surrounding this year's edition of FADJA and the rumors of a possible cancellation, show organizers have confirmed the event will return once again to the Colombian capital. What does a trade show like FADJA offer to your company apart from market visibility and networking opportunities and why have you decided to sponsor the event this year?

Sirplay has always believed in FADJA and its potential, indeed this is the third time for the company to be a sponsor of the show. We don’t believe the location change will affect the success of the event in any way and our confidence in this is so strong we have decided to confirm our support to the exhibition anyway. Without mention that especially this year, our presence at the show is an obligation (in the pleasant meaning of the word) since the recent GLI certification in the Colombian jurisdiction. That’s an important proof of our concreteness as well as a huge source of pride.

Looking back, how do you evaluate your progress in the country and what are the remaining challenges?

In this sector, fruits are not reaped years after years as usually would happen; those who know how to wait, win. We started our business plan in Colombia in 2014 scheduling a 2018 return and - for now - everything is going as planned, unforeseen difficulties and delays included. Now it’s time to start the machine and enjoy the race.

Why do you believe Colombia is one of the best-performing countries in the region, in terms of gambling growth?

Colombia is the only country with specific regulation for online gambling. Besides, the numbers promulgated by Coljuegos are quite clear; they are the result of the gambling growth. But a realistic confrontation could be done only when all the countries of the region will regulate this industry.

How can neighboring countries be encouraged by the efforts carried out by regulator Coljuegos and adopt a similar approach towards our industry?

Legality is always rewarded and we strongly believe this gap bridged in Colombia will soon reap its benefits. That’s why all the neighbouring countries should take the work done there as an example. The incredible effort done by Coljuegos in regulating the industry with a particular attention to all the aspects regarding players security and legality, should be followed as a winning format.

Just recently at ICE, the company debuted all of its groundbreaking novelties for the international gambling market. But what do you have in store for the Colombian audience?

At FADJA, Sirplay will present its new premium partnership with two of the most important and well-known casino providers: Microgaming and Playtech. These two giants take part to our bigger and bigger family of partners officially. With these partnerships, we want to prove our willingness to keep raising the standards, giving our customers a wide range of products to choose from. Another big, big news will be our booth sharing with the first operator to deal with Coljuegos (as published in a tweet by Coljuegos itself). To find out more, visit our stand N. 8 at the show.

How are you planning to captivate South American casino operators and players alike?

Our approach has always been the same. Customers who choose Sirplay and get the chance to experience our solutions do not just purchase a quality product, but they receive our full support and expertise. We help all of our clients to develop and progress their businesses.

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Exclusive interview with Bart Esposito, CEO, Sirplay