There are 13,000 lottery agencies operating in the country, employing around 200,000 people

Brazil's Government proposes privatizing lottery sector

Current legislation only allows people to play in physical stores. Under the new measure, Brazilians would be able to play through their smartphones.

| 18/04/2017

Under the new measure, national authorities expect to double tax collection.

With the new bill, Brazil's Federal Government hopes to attract new investors with experience in the electronic gaming business. Public officials believe that the amount of tax revenue on lotteries can quickly jump from 6,000 million reais to 12,000 million reais.

This figure could help strengthen the National Treasury by bringing more money to state coffers in the future when public accounts are in deficit. However, the bill has raised concern among local lottery agency owners.

The current legislation only allows people to play in physical stores, but the new measure will grant permission to play through smartphones. 

"The best scenario would be for Congress to also approve the legalization of other games, such as 'jogo do bicho', as we could expand the product offering and maintain our customer base," commented Adriana Domingues.

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