Game features a 65” HD central monitor and eight gaming stations

Alfastreet's Multi Touch Roulette set to dazzle casino operators from across the globe

Alfastreet's Multi Touch can be fitted with both live and automated Roulette wheels, depending on the operator’s requirements and can be personalized to best fit into the venue environment.

| 17/04/2017

The beginning of the year 2017 marked the presentation of our brand new product, the Multi Touch Roulette.

“During the past years other producers tried to get into the gaming venues with similar products, but were lacking both in design and reliability,” Alfastreet said in a statement. The Multi Touch table is combining industry’s leading experience in the field of electronic table games, latest technology and the sublime art of transferring the touch and feel of a live game into an automated electronic version. The clear and entertaining graphic animations from the central monitor provide complete immersion to the players that each play on the individual betting screen. This is the only machine of its kind that provides 8 gaming stations in such a compact and efficient format.

Multi Touch can be fitted with both live and automated Roulette wheels, depending on operator’s requirements and can be aesthetically fully personalized, to best fit into the venue environment. The main advantages over classic roulette tables are the absolute security and ease of operation, since there’s no need for a highly skilled professional dealers and supporting personnel. This machine is also completely inter-connectable with other systems and can be easily expanded with range of Alfastreet products. Interaction between players is also worth the notice, as this game displays all the bets on the community screen and the players are able to compete, compare and strategize, based on the betting information provided.

“The response after the 2017 ICE presentation in London has exceeded the predictions and the first units are already up and running in selected casinos of North America, Asia, Latin America and, after the latest installation, in Europe as well. These results are boosting the testing on future expansion modules with additional games and features, elevating the value of the tables inside a contemporary gaming venue,” the Slovenian-based company added.

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