At booth 322

CPI to exhibit latest coin products at EAG

Among the products on display at EAG will be the 5-inch v2 eagle coin acceptor.

United Kingdom 
| 11/01/2017

A full range of coin products – including acceptors, changers and hoppers – will be on display as CPI reaffirms that it is ready to support the transition to the new £1 coin due out in March.

The ability to accept the new £1 coin from the day it enters circulation will make a profound impact on player satisfaction and operator profitability. CPI and its network of distribution centers can help OEMs and operators prepare now. As of November 2016, all new orders for CPI coin handling products come automatically configured for the new £1 coin. For customers wishing to update the existing field base, no hardware changes will be required; CPI provides the necessary software, and handheld programmers are available to perform quick and easy in-field updates. Finally, the Universal Hopper and Compact Hopper products from CPI will require no changes at all to begin accepting the new £1 coin.

Among the products on display at EAG will be the 5-inch v2 eagle coin acceptor and the Universal Hopper, both of which are tremendously successful in the AWP sector – and in the UK market in particular. The v2 eagle coin acceptor offers the best acceptance rate, lowest cost of ownership and most secure fraud defense technology in the industry. The Universal Hopper, with millions installed worldwide, offers large capacity, superior resistance to fraud and exceptional jam prevention. It also helps reduce operating costs by yielding a long lifecycle with minimal maintenance requirements.

CPI will also showcase the powerful plug-and-play capabilities of PayLink, a device that enables developers to quickly and easily integrate different combinations of payment peripherals into a machine – without having to spend the time and money to create customized payment software. It also simplifies the configuration process and ensures trouble-free upgrades to payment peripherals that support download. On the booth, PayLink will be used to connect different combinations of coin acceptors and coin hoppers to the SC Advance note acceptor.